RSA Films shooting a spot for Tresemme hair products company. Street closure of 4th from Spring thru Main.



XYZ Stills was shooting a VW commercial today on Spring street next to the Police Administration Building. There were various VW's there new and old including a VW bus and several Audi cars as well.


Samsung Commercial

I was not fooled this time. Rabbit Content took over the ground level of The Medallion apartment complex to stage another mock apple store phone launch. This is of course promoting the Samsung Galaxy II smart phone. Shooting took place during the day only. But it always  tricks pedestrians passing by into thinking Apple has launched another location. In the end Apple is getting some mileage out of these spots indirectly.


Mock Apple Store Downtown

Walking by there the night before, unaware of the shoot, I was all smiles thinking we were getting an Apple Store downtown. But then I was wondering why I hadn't heard anything about it. I was equally annoyed when I found out this morning that Epoch Films was shooting another Samsung Galaxy II commercial mocking Apple. People were set up as camping out in front of the store for some big event. I linked a previous commercial below, which :03 in you can clearly see the 9th Street sign, even though the chyron says "Boston, MA". This one is on 5th Street in between Main and Spring.



Scenes for Ringer, the new CW show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar were being filmed tonight on Spring St. Gellar plays a woman on the run from the mob. The video clip show her quickly getting into the limo.