Most people who are looking for helpful songwriting tips are not complete newbies, but neither are they someone who knows all about the innermost workings of music theory.

Chances are that, like you, they are looking for something that sparks creative thoughts and brings them back to the love of writing music with passion.

And like most people, the quicker the better.

Many people already intuitively do things to write good songs, but the real trick is to know why it works or doesn’t work.

Coming up with a short chord progression for a song might come easier to you than coming up with the full arrangement of the song’s components, verse, chorus, bridge, etc. but can’t one be about as easy as the other?

Everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time, but having a palette of new ideas is always the quick way out.

Even if you are already a competent songwriter then you might need to fill and organize your tool drawer.

The first skill you should make sure that you have in that drawer is the ability to look at other people’s music and know what makes it good (or bad).

Analyzing important elements in other people’s music is an enormous skill to possess in order to grow your own songwriting abilities.

After all, every successful song is a lesson in what to do to write songs that people like, especially when it involves emotions such as in a first dance song.

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