Horror movies make us scream, yet we never stop watching them! There are this weird thrill and excitement in watching horror movies. Be it an unexpected turn or a spine-chilling scene all of a sudden, these genres never cease to amaze and scare us! This genre never fails to instill suspense and fear at the same time. But what if these movies were are based on real-life? Scary as it sounds, here is a list of the 5 best horror movies to make your weekend even more exciting! These movies are definitely not for the weak-hearted ones, so watch at your own risk!

    1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

Loosely based on a true story, when Reverend Moore allows the exorcism on Emily Rose who was thought to be possessed by demonic spirits, it leads to her death. After the death of the girl, the Reverend is prosecuted for Emily’s wrongful death. The prosecuting lawyer Ethan Thomas argues that that the girl had schizophrenia, whereas the defense lawyer Erin Bruner explains that all things cannot be explained scientifically. What did really happen to Emily?

    1. The Rite (2011)

A seminary student Michael Kovak travels to Rome to clear his doubts on demonic possession. Under the apprentice of Father Lucas, an exorcist, he experiences strange events. However, when situations force him to perform an exorcism on his own teacher, it changes the way he perceives things. This movie is clearly not for the faint-hearted!

    1. Child’s Play (2019)

What can possibly go wrong with a child’s doll? Things take a sinister turn when Andy Barclay’s lifeless Buddi doll comes to life. Soon things start to get ugly when the doll becomes possessive of Andy and turns murderous. Andy and his friends decide to stop the knife-wielding doll before things become uncontrollable. But do they really succeed in their mission or does it never end?

    1. The Quiet Ones (2014)

The experiments conducted by an unorthodox college professor and his students push a young woman to her verge of sanity. Their belief that demonic activities are caused due to negative human energy is shattered when their activities unleash an unimaginable force with unspeakable consequences. Will they ever be able to stop it before it becomes too late?

    1. The Watcher (2016)

Inspired from true events, the story revolves around a young couple Noah and Emma who purchase their dream house. Unaware of the past history of the house, soon the couple is tormented by strange incidents and threatening letters from “The Raven”, who are determined to drive them away from the house. What does really happens after Emily starts hallucinating?

The genre horror has existed for more than a century and has always been the one to elicit excitement and horror at the same time! If you are craving horror and thrill, these movies might just be the ones you were looking for! You must have got an insight from these summaries, but to experience the real horror, go watch these movies!

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